Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday, June 23, 2019, WI

Today is my cousin Fran’s 94th birthday party and it was a busy morning before heading to her party. 

I made a coleslaw to take to the party and then got ready to take Frisco to the vet.  His ear did not improve throughout the night, so I felt compelled to take him in and have it checked. I went to the 24-hour clinic in Madison and they determined it to be a hematoma (blood filled pocket between the layers of skin) on his right ear and the inside has a fungal/yeast infection - the same old story throughout his life. The options were: medication to relieve the pain and reduce inflammation, a surgical procedure to drain the hematoma, and to do nothing and take him to the appointment I have on Wednesday. I opted for the meds to help him feel better now and will take him to the vet on Wednesday.

The party was so much fun, as all of those events are. It was held at my 2nd cousin, Erin’s home and all of Fran’s family was there, her sister in-law, Barb and niece, Kim from Alaska were there, and my cousin Carole and her husband Bob from Florida joined us.  Barb and Kim brought edible goodies from Alaska: Halibut, Salmon, and Moose (burgers and hot dogs).

The birthday girls - Erin, 39 and Fran, 94


 Sister-in-laws, Irmy and Fran

Sisters-in-law, Fran and Barb

              Cousin Jonnie

Cousin Carole and her husband Bob

First cousins, Carole, Jonnie, Me, and Fran