Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sunday, July 7 - WI

On my walk this morning, I walked by my old friend and classmate, Judy's house, so we sat on her front porch and chatted for a little while.  We proceeded on our walk and then I headed out for a couple more visits that I wanted to make before leaving Stoughton.

My first stop was the cemetery to visit Mom, Dad, and my brother Rocco's graves.  Barely two minutes at the gravesite, I was attacked by swarms of Mosquitos and had to run back to the car.  The hatch must have happened overnight.

From there, I went to my cousin, Fran's house - she is another one who I wanted to spend a bit more time with, but sure didn't have much of a chance to visit at Mike's Memorial.   She is my oldest living relative, her memory is still sharp, and she played a major role in my childhood.  We had a nice chat and we looked at some old family photos, she shared some good stories about my grandparents and other family members.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with Pat and Tracey