Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday, July 10 - WI

After a haircut appointment with Marion on Monday, I headed up to Pat and Roger's to spend the next 3 days with them.  We had a nice dinner and hung out, enjoying our usual cocktail time.  It's not right, just the 3 of us, though.

Yesterday, after a nice walk with the dogs, we headed to Middleton to see Rogers's daughter, Cheryl's new flower and gift shop, Promises.  She has been open for almost a year now and is in a great spot and seems to be doing well.  She had lots of very unique gift items, things that I haven't seen anywhere else.

From there, we went to the Odana Antiques Mall and had a little lesson in history.  What a nice store.  Everything was neat and clean and nicely arranged.  I asked Pat to keep her eyes open for a copy of Charlotte's Web and she just happened to pick up a pile of books and one fell out - it is an original 1952 edition.  I will save it and give it to Charlotte when she gets older.

A front came through in the afternoon and the temperature and humidity dropped, making it very comfortable to sit on the deck and enjoy our cocktails and conversation.  Later on, though, the humidity was back and the AC had to come backmon for getting a good night of sleep.

This morning, we walked along the Yahara River Trail and enjoyed the cool summer morning, the dogs had fun sniffing and exploring new territory.  Lots of wildflowers are in bloom and the water in the river is flowing swiftly.  While walking, we heard the roar of F22s coming out of Truax Field and we watched as 4 of them climbed into the sky quickly before disappearing, probably headed for Fort McCoy.  That is one thing I always enjoyed about working near Truax, I could see them several times a day from my office.

We all got busy with a gardening project when we got back home, digging and splitting Hostas.  That is one shade loving plant that is prolific around here - they get so big that they need to be divided every few years and you can usually find an empty spot in the yard to put them - and we did.  several were left over, so I will take them to Pat when I go back there on Sunday.  After hat project, we are all limping around from overworking our aging bodies.  Grrrr!

Pat and Roger chose the Casino Supper Club in Fall River for dinner tonight and we met Chris and Norm, Gary, Dick and Bobbie there.  It is an out of the way place that only Roger would discover - I think he knows every back road in Southern Wisconsin.  It's a nice place with good food and drinks, and especially good company.

It was another good day with great friends.