Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wednesday, July 24 - On To Springfield

Frisco and I had a nice walk to the lake and back this morning and when we got back, Rene and Mike were up and we sat on the front porch enjoying our coffee.  I then started to get ready for the next stop on my trip, Springfield, where I will stay with my brother Randy's family and get a chance to visit with my brother, Rick.

The drive was picturesque as I headed south in US65 through a few small Midwest towns.  When I got to Randy's, I decided that Frisco would need to go to the pet hotel for a couple of nights, as it didn't appear that he and Josie would get along.  I was considering this anyways because it didn't work well the last time we were here.  Then, the next morning, Rick offered to keep him but I didn't want to add yet another strange place for him to adjust to.  Maybe next time.

That evening, Ryan, his girlfriend, Audra, and her 1 1/2 year old son came by for a quick visit.  They already had plans for the evening so they didn't stick around for long.  We had pizza for dinner and then Julie and I took Josie for a walk along Springfield Lake.  The deer were really tame and didn't mind us walking near them at all.