Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tuesday, July 2 - WI

Yesterday was a day of rest - sort of.  We met up with Ben and Dennis for breakfast before they headed to Minneapolis where Lois, Jill, and Charlotte were arriving from San Francisco later in the afternoon.  Ben and Jill will be house hunting for the next 2 days while Charlotte keeps her grandparents entertained.

After breakfast, I headed to Pete and JoAnne's house where Mike's childhood friend, Jim is staying.  We had a nice visit and then they were ready for lunch, so I joined them, although my breakfast was still keeping me full.  The rest of the day was restful, another beautiful day in Wisconsin.

Today we stayed home and did some gardening work.  After last week's rain, the weeds were taking over, so we got the veggie gardens weeded.  I also edged a couple of the beds, in hopes that the weeds wouldn't creep too quickly.

A trip to Stoughton just isn't complete for me without a stop at St.Vinnie's thrift store.  Pat found a great deal on a tent for his friend, Dan's 2 sons.  He set it up at home and it is in great shape and has all of it's parts - what a buy!

I met some of Mike's family for dinner at Toby's tonight;  Tom and Karen, Sharon, Becky and Ron and Brooke, his Aunt Joan and cousins Louie and Vicki.  I thought dinner was much better tonight than Friday night - so was my Old Fashioned.  We had a nice visit but it also got pretty emotional since we have all experienced the loss of the 3 cousins, all in just a 3-month period this year.  What a loss to all of us.