Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday, May 24, 2019, WY

Well, the shitty, shitty, and more shitty weather continues although we have seen small patches of blue sky and breaks in the clouds the last two days.

Yesterday, we ran some errands in the morning and then we walked into town to the highly recommended Wyoming Rib and Chop House where Peter D had presented us with a coupon for a free appetizer of their special fried green tomatoes stuffed with cream cheese and crabmeat (a $12.99 value) and they were quite tasty. Tom had never tried them before, I knew that I liked them, but the add-ones really made them special.  We shared a rack of baby back ribs, baked potato and Gumbo and left there feeling quite satisfied and of course, stuffed.

On our walk back to the RV park, we stopped at the Koltiska Distillery, sampled their wares, chatted with the gal that was working there, and walked out of there with a bottle of 90 proof liqueur for Tom and a bottle of Vodka and Wintermint for me.

This morning, we were on the road by 10:00 and headed east on US-14 to Gillette, then I-90 to Sundance (168 miles) to Mountain View RV Park where we will stay put through Memorial Day (not that we every stay put, but we will stay parked).  The terrain was beautiful with rolling green hills, a few patches of snow on the distant mountain tops, and only one car behind us for a short while, then we had the road to ourselves until we got close to Gillette.  I spotted a few herds of antelope as we neared Gillette.  We also had some spotty clouds and occasional blue skies once near Gillette, but then managed to get right under the stormy clouds between there and Sundance. 

Tom hooked up in the rain and it took some extra time as he found the electric cord to be knotted up in its compartment and it had to be straightened before he could pull it all the way through.  And now the sun is shining (probably not for long) and it is about 50 degrees out but quite windy.