Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday, May 12, 2019, MT

Mother’s Day - my day started with a call from Pat and it wasn’t long after that, I got a call from Ben. Perfect, I couldn’t ask for more. I also got wishes from Tom, my siblings, and several friends.

We took care of some housecleaning and car cleaning (Tom had to get all of those bugs off his radiator and grill of his car) and I vacuumed, wiped down the floors, and cleaned the rugs (Tom spilled dishwashing liquid this morning). We couldn’t dissolve it enough with just blotting, so we hosted them down and used the spilled soap to clean them.

We headed off to hike the Pine Creek Trail, about 5-miles from us. The hike was a rather rocky path that was a gradual hill up to the falls, about 1.25 miles.  It is a popular hike, as there were several cars in the parking lot and we met quite a few folks of all ages on the trail. It took us almost an hour to get to the falls and once we did, it was worth the climb. It was possible to get views from many angles and we walked across the strange, narrow bridge to the other side and discovered another waterfall on that side. It actually came down in two streams, then flowed around a huge rocky area, and then joined the creek.

It felt so good to spend an entire day wearing a t-shirt and not requiring another layer on top of it.

As we were out walking this evening, I saw a huge dark bird perched in the tree above. A gal who was driving by stopped to look and said that she had seen brown eagles here in the past. So I scurried home and grabbed the binoculars and headed back there. It turns out that it was a pair of vultures - so no big thrill of seeing a Golden Eagle.