Friday, April 19, 2019

Friday, April 19, 2019, CA, OR

Yesterday morning was spent researching where our next 2 stays will be. We have been making reservations 2 stays out, although I’m not really sure that it is necessary, as few of the places we have stayed at have been busy.  By the time we finally got moving, it was almost noon. We went to the nearby Walmart for some groceries and to see if the replacement CO2/Propane detector that Tom ordered had arrived (it did). My car needed a wash after going through the wet, wet roads through the Redwoods, but when we found the car wash, it was closed to to operational problems.  We made 2 more stops, at Safeway and Tractor Supply before heading back home.

I just wanted to sit and relax in the sunshine when we got back home but one look at the dirt streaks on my car made me get out a bucket, fill it with water and rinse it off. Of course, that was a much bigger job than I set out to do.  I did manage to have some time to relax, read, have a cocktail, and enjoy the last of the day.

Since our site did not have sewer hookups, we had to do that at the dump station before  leaving this morning.  We have got the setup and take down procedures down. Tom does the outside stuff; the water, sewer, electric, and truck hookup and I do last minute cleanup and secure the inside for travel, then Frisco gets another walk before we take off.

We pulled out at 10:00 and headed north on US-101 and stayed on it, hugging the coast and sometimes driving farther inland for the next 180 miles.  There were a few sections where the road was hairpin curves, sometimes with the rocky coast on one side of the road and tall pines and rocky ledges on the other. The route took us through lots of small towns with ‘beach’, ‘port’, or ‘bay’ in their names.  It is beautiful country, not seen anywhere east of Pacific Coast.

It has been very cloudy and rainy off and on - not a dripping rain, mostly just a mist that kept the wipers going on a low setting but at times there were some big drops.

We checked in at the KOA in Waldport, situated between the Alsea Bay and the Pacific Ocean, got to our site and found that it was a bit too narrow.  We were either crammed into the bushes on one side and couldn’t get at the sewer hose or connection and on the other side, it would be 2 steps and we would be on top of the picnic table.  The gal in the office was so nice and came out to tell us that we were welcome to choose another site, possibly even one of those that backed up to the bay. We chose another pull through that will be sheltered from the wind, but also have a view of the Alsea Bay bridge.