Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday, April 7, 2019, CA

When we made our reservation for this place, we were told that their pools would be closed on Monday and Tuesday, so we planned to use the pools today and do some exploring tomorrow.  What they did tell me when I made the reservation was that there was an $8 charge for the pool pass for all persons in the campsite, but at check in yesterday, we learned that the pool pass was $8/person/day.  What they didn’t tell me when I made the reservation was that there was a fee for our 2nd car (mine) of $7 and that was added to our 3-day stay of $99. Today, when we went to the pool to pay our fee, I was told that a mistake was made at checkin and the fee for the 2nd car was $7/day. I’ve never heard of such a thing - I have paid $2/day, but $7 is ridiculous. She also told me that the fee to store an RV was only $2/day. At this time, I have yet to pay them the additional $14 for the car and since they are closed the next 2 days, I am hoping it just slips by. They are going to have to hunt me down, I won’t deliver it to them.

We went to the pools this morning and again late afternoon and they were very warm, comfortable, and relaxing. There was a lot of activity in the middle of the day, glad we didn’t go then.  I enjoyed hanging out and reading.

I got the grill out and I made fried potatoes and grilled pork chops and Tom made a yummy salad for dinner tonight.