Thursday, April 4, 2019

Thursday, April 4, 2019, NV, CA

The plan for today was to see as much of Death Valley that we could see, with the exception of the part that we will drive through on the next leg of our trip on Saturday.  The drive to the park entrance was about 70 miles and we drove through the small crossroads of Shoshone, population 30 and thought that the Crowbar Cafe and Saloon would be a great place to stop for a bite to eat after our visit and before heading back home. We came into the park from the east and made our first stop at Dante’s View, a 14-mile drive off the main road (CA-190).  After parking we walked about 1/4 mile down a rocky path and out to the viewpoint that looked over Death Valley and the Badwater Basin (the lowest elevation in the US, 282 feet below sea level. Amazing! This place brought back wonderful memories of my last visit here in 2015 when I was with Rudi and Sonja. The Panamint range on the west side of the valley had snow capped peaks and the valley was mostly white and brown for miles around.

Death Valley

Tom on top of Dante’s Peak

On down the road to the Furnace Creek Visitor Center where we picked up a map and studied the huge topographical one on the table, and we planned the rest of our tour.  We decided to go south on the Badwater Road and stopped at the Badwater lookout, where we were able to walk on the valley floor and actually feel, taste, and touch the ground. They mine salt, borax, and talc in the area.  

A river of salt on the surface at Badwater.

Folks strolling across the valley at Badwater.

Back on the road toward Shoshone again. We pulled up at the cute little Crowbar Cafe and Saloon, but a sign on the door said it was closed due to an accident.  No wonder there was a Highway Patrol and a Sheriff’s department car parked near us and across the street, more rescue vehicles and a fire truck. As we drove past, there was a tanker trailer with nothing left of the truck that was once pulling it, but a pile of charred rubble.

So we stopped for dinner at the El Cancun Mexican Restaurant and the food was quite tasty x a good choice.

When we got back home, Frisco had been ill and there was a mess to clean up on the rugs.  Yesterday, on the trip, he had been quite anxious, sat staring at me for a long time, threw up in the back seat, and had a nasty stool.  After that, he seemed to be feeling just fine and this morning, he was back to himself, drinking plenty of water and behaving normally.  I’ll watch him overnight and hope that he is better tomorrow.