Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Wednesday, April 3, 2019, CA, NV

On the road again! We were ready to roll by 9:20 this morning, heading north on US-95. The sky is blue and the temps are comfortable - a good day for driving.  California gas prices are about $1 higher than AZ or NV, so our first gas stop was at Searchlight, NV. Just before we got to Needles, we drove through a beautiful canyon with colorful, rocky mountains and wildflowers in blues, oranges, yellows, and whites all along the roadside.  Signs warned us to watch for wild burros, horses, and bighorn sheep - no, there were none to be seen.  I did catch a glimpse of a Roadrunner scurrying across the road, though.

Getting around Las Vegas was no fun at all and it was confusing to boot - new roads that didn’t show up on my GPS. It’s a good thing that we reviewed the route on the paper map before heading out.  From Las Vegas, it was about 45 miles to the northwest on NV-160 and most of it was under construction, almost all of the way to Pahrump.  We are spending the next 3 nights at the Saddle West RV parking lot at a cost of $29/night. Total mileage for today was 260 miles.