Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sunday, April 21, 2019, OR

We sat here enjoying our coffee this morning and trying to decide what to do today. The retiree’s dilemma, right? Nothing? Laundry? More beach time? More exploring? And the last 2 turned out to be our choice.  After some breakfast and another walk with Frisco, we crossed the Alcea Bridge into Waldport and drove through the north side of town and didn’t find much of interest.

Back to the bridge, we drove north to Newport, a town large enough to have a Walmart - a nice, slightly larger beach town, we drove to the north end just to check it out. And then on to the historic bay front where we parked the car and walked the street, along the harbor. The barking of sea lions drew me to one of the piers and they were beaches on some platforms in the Yacquina Bay - they are  everywhere around here.  We strolled down one side of the street, checking out a few shops, stopping for some fresh-smoked salmon to take home with us and then we wandered back down the other side of the street to get back to the car.

The harbor at Newport, OR

These guys just said to me, ‘a family napping together’.

Back home, we headed down the path along the RV park that led us to the beach on the north side of Alcea Bay. We strolled the beach, marveling in the amazingly large, broken trees, stumps, and debris along the way.  I searched for a piece of sea glass to carry as a souvenir but didn’t find one.  We sat on a large stump and watched a boat that might have been checking their crab pots or nets, the seabirds and a few seals or sea otters that kept popping their heads above the water and then gliding back underwater to forage for something of interest.

Back home, I set to preparing a traditional Easter dinner of Ham basted in pineapple juice, baked sweet potato, roasted asparagus, and fried pineapple.  While that was cooking, Tom took a nap and I tried to sit outside, after all, the sun had come out and it really felt like what I should be doing. After a few minutes of sitting there with my back to the sun, my hood up, and the thought of going indoors for a blanket, I gave up and went inside.  Dang! I have really been starving for a bit of sunshine and it seems that it isn’t in the near future for me.

A HUGE piece of driftwood on the beach of Alsea Bay.

The Alcea Bay Bridge from the beach.

It felt good to have FaceTime chats with both of my sons, Tracey, and Ben’s family.

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