Monday, April 1, 2019

Sunday, March 31, 2019, AZ

Our last day at Shiprock RV for this season is upon us and a busy one it has been.  After taking our usual Sunday morning walk to the gas station for a newspaper, we got busy doing the cleaning that we wanted to get done - Tom worked on the tanks and I vacuumed and cleaned up inside. There were a few things to stash away in cars and I got the patio rug and chairs scrubbed up.

And then we met up with Manny and Linda at Olive Garden, as she wanted to treat us to a meal.  We had a really nice time over a glass of wine and some great food. They are so ready for retirement (about 3 years to wait out) and I sure can’t blame them.

We stopped for gas for Tom’s truck on the way home - there were long lines at Costco (about $.15 cents less there) and then I took my car out to Fry’s to top it off.  They had no mid or premium grade gas, as there is a shortage here in the Phoenix area and it is expected to last until mid-April. I sure hope we don’t find that on our travels. I also picked up a few groceries that we had run out of and missed from our list.  

When I got back home, Tom had the truck all hooked up to the trailer. We are ready to roll. So we relaxed and had a cocktail out on the patio until the sun went down.