Monday, April 8, 2019

Monday, April 8, 2019, CA

Happy Birthday to my dear Sister-in-Law Sharon (one of my faithful readers).  

Frisco had another bad night, 2 trips outside around midnight, so I decided this morning that a trip to see a Vet was probably a wise thing to do.  The local vet hospital was able to get us in this morning so we held off on breakfast until after that was taken care of.  He had no fever, so the vet suspected an intestinal infection of some kind. I provided samples for her to send in to a lab, she prescribed a cycle of antibiotics, a prescription canned dog food, and sent us out the door with a $125 bill - very reasonable, both Tom and I thought.

Since we were there in Bishop and one of the top places to visit was just down the street, we went to Erik Schat’s Bakkery .  There was an entire section of pastries and shelf upon shelf of all kinds of breads. We headed for the sandwich bar and Tom chose a Hot Pastrami on rye and my choice was Tuna Salad on their famous Sheepherder bread. We shared a coleslaw and chips and we also had complimentary almond cookies. The 1/2 sandwiches were huge - we were so glad that we only ordered the half size.  We also took home an onion bagel and a French roll and they cost us only $1.85.  Believe it or not, they were devoured with our dinner salad tonight.

The visitor center was just across the street, so that was our next stop. We had a very pleasant conversation with Chuck who advised us that we may hit some weather going through Mammoth Pass tomorrow - the high point is about 8,000 feet.  That is the scenic route we had chosen to get to Reno, but we will have to see how the weather predictions are tomorrow.  After talking with Chuck, we walked around the small city park.

And then we took a drive along a scenic road (CA-168) that follows Bishop’s Canyon and Bishop’s Creek to the small hamlet of Aspendel.  We did pass a few Highway maintenance trucks (Chuck told us they were working on cleaning the snow from the roadway) and then came to a point where the road was closed at 8,500 feet.  We turned around and then pulled off on a few roads that led to the very fast flowing creek. At the road that led to Tall Tree Campground, we walked around and enjoyed the sights.  It as kind of strange because we were in t-shirts, making snowballs and were surrounded by very snowy mountains.  Chuck had told us earlier that the snow pack was at a level of 167% - a very good year for those interested in snow sports.