Saturday, April 27, 2019

Saturday, April 26, 2019, WA

Since our arrival in Everett back on Wednesday afternoon, we have been busy as usual for the two of us. The park we are in, Maple Grove RV Resort is pegged as Seattle’s Premier Resort, although it isn’t much of a Resort - it is a nice, clean concrete parking lot with some shrubs. The dog walking area is a poor excuse for one - no clubhouse, pool, hot tub, or library and just a gravel storage parking lot with a messy, grassy area on one end for a dog walk - and that has kind of a sketchy feel about it. The WiFi hasn’t worked since we got here. Premier Resort? No way.

Tom purchased tickets for Boeing’s “Future of Flight” tour on Thursday and that was quite enjoyable. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and informative and led us through the HUGE factory (75 football fields huge ) where we saw 747s, 777s, and 787s in various stages of production.  People and robots were scurrying about and putting them together. The tour was about 90 minutes long.

The Dreamliner carries parts for planes from other plants. It folds open
 just behind the wings for unloading.

This photo doesn’t come close to showing the size of the plant. 
Each of those painted sections are doors that open to let an entire jet leave the factory, wings and all.

These completed jets are lined up and waiting for delivery.

Yesterday, we took a drive through Whidbey Island and that meant we had to board a ferry to get from the mainland to the island.  It has been many years since I have had a ride on a ferry, probably at Port Arkansas, TX.

The Mulilteo to Clinton Ferry

Our first stop along the drive was at the Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens where we walked the paths through the brightly colored gardens and then took a nature trail back to the car.  Pretty stuff, that is for sure.

We stopped at a few vista points along the way and enjoyed the drive.  The drive reminded me that way back in 1967, Mike applied for duty on Whidbey Island but his orders sent him to Long Beach instead. I thought about how my life might have been different had he gotten those orders. It is a beautiful part of the country but I don’t think I could handle the lack of sunshine, although we have had 3 sunny days this week.