Thursday, April 11, 2019

Thursday, April 11, 2019, NV

I had a prescription to pick up at CVS this morning and when I got there, it wasn’t ready, although I had specifically said I would pick it up on Tuesday or Wednesday - I get so disappointed with customer service these days. So we waited around for 20 minutes or so before it was ready.  On the way there, I noticed the tire warning light was on in my car, so we headed to Costco to have them checked and they all needed some air. While we were there, we went inside to pick up a few things.

And then we headed downtown to check out the river walk along the Truckee River. One thing I wanted to see was the container park. I was under the impression that it was a cluster of containers made into living spaces. Instead, there was a cluster of containers called The Eddy, made into a social gathering place, complete with beer garden, outside games, and live music. It was kind of cool and would have been a great place to hang out and try a local beer, but it was too cold to sit around outside (a high of about 48 degrees today).

From there, we walked along the river walk but it seemed to kind of jump from one side of the river to the other. The river is fast flowing and and was definitely over its banks as part of the sidewalk was covered.

The Reno Riverwalk - the portion that is flooded.

We found the American Auto Museum, the collection of cars belonging to Bill Harrah and several that were on loan from others. There were 4 galleries and several streets of yesteryear that were lined with cars and other memorabilia from their eras. They were all beauties, many that were previously owned by famous people or used in movies.  We spent about 3 hours perusing the collections - s nice way to spend the afternoon.