Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Tuesday, April 2, 2019, CA

It sure was quiet here through the night - no loud trucks or motorcycles on the street right behind us - there is no street behind us. The park dead ends at the Colorado River and there was no noise from the sparsely spaces RVs.  I did hear the soft hooting of the owls early this morning.

I called Shiprock to request the site across the street from us (51) for the fall. Yesterday, they told us it would be available and we pondered it overnight and decided it would be a wise move - across the street where it would have less road noise and is much more flat and level.  We got it!

Geri came over and we walked to the nesting tree to get a better view of the owl and there she was sitting on her nest, up in the gnarly crook of an old Eucalyptus tree. A regular resident of the park came over to share stories of their habits - Mom and Dad take turns on the nest, but mostly it’s Mom. Dad is usually watching over them from a nearby tree. Nobody knows how many owlets there are, but are sure they are there, as she sits much higher on the nest and is busy tending to them when he brings food to share.  I’m impressed and so glad to see this!

It’s a windy day, but absolutely gorgeous and perfect for sitting outside and chatting or reading. After Geri left, we walked Frisco to the river and he headed straight for the water, lapping up big drinks and getting his belly wet. We strolled along the shoreline and he explored and took a dip every now and then.